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Spiced Plum & Cinnamon Candle

Get cozy and in the spirit to chill out with our warm, spicy candle. Perfect for autumn and winter days and nights, this is a go-to Christmas scent that we adore from October to March. It's filled with inviting aromas of festive treats, creating an irresistible atmosphere for gatherings.


Hand poured in Dublin


- 100% coconut & rapseed oil wax

- Wooden crackle wick for added cosiness

- Clean burning candle with a mix of fragrance oils and essential oils

- Non toxic ingredients, Paraben free and Phthalates free

Spiced Plum & Cinnamon Candle

  • Top: Plum
    Middle: Cinnamon, Clove 
    Base: Crushed Vanilla 

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